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"Super Transbal 2" is the sequel of "Transball" and "Transball 2", Inspired in THRUST type of games (and concretely in ZARA THRUSTA for the Amiga 500). In each level of Transball, the goal is to find the SPHERE, capture it and carry it to the upper part of the level. The main obstacle is the gravity, that impulses you towards the ground. But many other obstacles, canons, tanks, doors, etc. will try to make difficult your journey...

You can choose between three types of ships for acomplishing your goal:

Ship selection

Each one of the ships has its own characteristics:
- The SHADOW RUNNER is an extremely fast ship, and has "retro thrusters", that can often safe your life. The problem with this ship is that its weapons have nearly no destruction power, and thus, many shots are needed to kill each enemy (4 shots for a standard canon).

- The V-PANTHER 2 is the ship that you controlled in "Transball" and "Transball 2". Its a well balanced ship, it has medium speed, and medium powered weapons (2 shots to kill a standard canon).

- The X-TERMINATOR is an extremely powerfull ship. It can kill a standard canon with only one shot, but the main problem is that as it is heavy weighted, it cannot reach high speeds.

For beginners, I recomend to use V-PANTHER 2 or the X-TERMINATOR. And when you reach a master level controlling those ships, you can switch to the SHADOW RUNNER, that is a ship more difficult to control, but that has much more potential than the other two. Moreover, I do not recomend the SHADOW RUNNER to beginners...

Once you have chosen your ship, you are ready to play. Here you have some screenshots of the game:

shot 1 shot2 shot 3

Transball is not an easy game, so to pass the 15th level (the last one), you will need lots of practice!

Another feature of Super Transball 2, is that you can save replays. Once your ship is destroyed, or you have ended the game, you can go to the REPLAYS section, where you will see the replays of all your attempts (with names: AUTOREPLAY???.RPL). You can see them, and rename all the replays you want to save. All the replays not renamed, will be automatically deleted when you play again. The game comes with four REPLAYS saved by me (DEMO1.RPL,...,DEMO4.RPL), if you think you can play better than me, just send me your replay files and we will see.... ;)
During the gameplay, the time spent to solve a level is not displayed (just not to get you nervious), but you can consult it on the replay. So, you can make time competitions against your friends, or against me... if you dare... ;)


16-04-2005 - Version 1.5
What's new:
    - The game now uses less CPU
    - Added 200%, 300% and 400% zoom for windowed modes (use ALT-1, ALT-2, ALT-3 and ALT-4 to activate them).
    - Improved the replay manager. Version 1.4 kept the fastest replays in the "high" folder. Now, version 1.5 allows to import replays into that folder. If you place any replay in the "replays" folder, and then go to the replay manager to the "high" view, just press 'R', and all the replays in the "replays" folder will be consulted to update the "high" folder.
    - Fixed a bug that prevented to redefe keys in linux

28-07-2004 - Fixed a couple of bugs in the source code that caused problems in LINUX.

26-07-2004 - Version 1.4 Source code released under GPL license

03-10-2003 - Version 1.4
What's new:
    - Best times are stored automatically by the game in the folder "high".
    - Gameplay statistics are shown at the end of each level
    - Keyboard configuration is saved to disk
    - I've included 2 extra level-packs with the distribution, the already known "sample-pack" with 3 _EXTRA_HARD_ levels. And a new level pack called "Second Assault" with 8 levels. "Second Assault" features a new type of cannon and a new type of tank. Just check them out! I just can say that the new tanks are deadly!

06-07-2003 - Transball on NOKIA!!
If any of you got a NOKIA 7650 or 3650 phone, you can play now Transball on your phone!! Head to the WildPalm's web page here to grab a demo version of 5 days, or to purchase the complete version!

06-03-2003 - Just for competitors!!
What's new:
    - Just a quick download for the competitors, grab this new exe file. It allows you to play repeatedly to a single level, and displays the time on the top-right corner.

24-02-2003 - Version 1.2 is out!!
What's new:
    - The main idea in version 1.2 was to allow the user to create his own levels! therefore, several changes have been made:
        - The game has now support for level packs. A level pack is a set of levels in a predefined order, and each level with its own password.
        - The replay format has been changed, to specify the name of the map file in witch it has been recorded.
        - A set ot tools for creating level packs is provided in the download section: a mapeditor and the encoder. Go to the mapeditor page to read more about that.


I've got the server saturated many times because of people directly linking to these files!

Due to a server change, I lost the contributed linux and mac binaries! I'd really appreciate someone downloading the windows version (which contains the source code) and sending me compiled versions for linux/Mac so that I can host them again

Super Transball 2 v1.5 for windows (including source code) (926KB)

Super Transball 2 v1.5 source code and data files (336KB)

Super Transball 2 v1.5 for linux [broken link] (296KB)

Super Transball 2 v1.5 (for Mac OS X) [broken link] (495KB)

replay manager (16KB) to update (1.1 to 1.2) and manage your replays (at least it is very useful to me) (only DOS version)

Go to the mapeditor page for downloading it (currently only for WIN32)

If you have liked Super Transball 2, may be you want to play its origins. Find out how the original Transball was downloading Transball 1. However, note that Transball 1 was a game prepared for be run under M.S.DOS and a 486 computer. So, I don't know if the game will run at a proper speed on your machines.


Standard levels competition

Sample pack levels competition

Second assault levels competition (No files received)

IMPORTANT: You need at least version 1.2 to see those replays!!!


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